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James A. Rowland, Sr. Pastor

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Pastor James A. Rowland, has been preaching the Gospel for over 18 years and is respected as a man of integrity. He is a business executive with over 20 years of managerial experience as well as an expository teacher and inspirational preacher. Pastor James has a Bachelors of Science in Religion and he is currently working on a Masters of Business Administration Degree.

He plans to pursue a Doctorate of Divinity in 2013. His passion for ministry and people yields opportunities across multiple walks of life. He believes that an educated person is a powerful person; thus believing in educating God's people to enable them to reach their full potential both spiritually and professionally. Pastor James is passionate about local evangelism and outreach to destroy poverty, disease, spiritual emptiness, and illiteracy that plagues so many lives today.

His approach is to mobilize Christians into an outreach effort to attack those areas by promoting reconciliation, equipping servant leaders, assisting the poor, caring for the sick, and educating the next generation. Pastor James has joined forces with his wife (Co-Pastor Ursula Rowland), four lovely daughters (Kiara, Tabitha, Audny, and Haley), and the RCC family to reinstate God's chosen into their rightful places.

Ursula A. Rowland, Co-Pastor

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Pastor Ursula A. Rowland is known as a loving wife, mother, business executive, coach, consultant, motivational speaker, friend, mentor, and community activist supporter. She utilizes her depth of compassion and expertise to help mobilize individuals and organizations to fulfill their ultimate purpose and potential.

Pastor Ursula has over 18 years of business experience in Information Technology covering project management, software development, personnel management, and web development. Ursula has a proven track record of success and results. Pastor Ursula has over 19 years of pastoral experience and will have completed her MBA with a concentration in Psychology with a focus on Christian Family Counseling in the fall of 2012. Pastor Ursula is also an expository teacher and inspirational preacher who has graced the pulpits of many great ministries.

She believes that we should model a better life for the next generation while equipping them with the tools to execute success daily to produce balanced lives. Her ministry includes preaching, vocalist, teaching, dramatic performances, and healthy church administrative best practices. Pastor Ursula does all of her roles with the limitless support of her loving husband (Sr. Pastor James Rowland), 4 talented daughters (Kiara, Tabitha, Audny, and Haley), and the RCC community.


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