I’ve Got the Victory

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“I’ve Got the Victory” from the Pit to the Palace

Reading Scripture: Genesis 41:37 – 45

In Medias RES – It’s Latin for “in the middle of things.” Reverse chronology

Synopsis: There is a time in life when God will grant you unmerited, uncontrollable favor. He will make your enemies your footstools. Your past will be long forgotten, and it’s only purpose shall be to you a reminder of how far God has launched you. At one point, the Pains of life were almost unbearable, the agony of defeat surrounded you. That was then, but this is now. Now you experience the thrills of Victory, the adoration of success. Journey with Pastor James as he maps out Joseph’s 1) The Strategy of the Pit to the Palace, 2) How Joseph kept a level head in the face of opposition and pressures and 3) How he took control over his lemons and built a lemonade stand.


History: Jacob’s 11th son and the firstborn son of Rachel. Rachel named the boy Joseph, meaning “May he add,” expressing her desire that God would give her another son.

Nothing more is said about Joseph until, at the age of 17, he is seen tending his father’s flocks with his brothers (Gn 37:2). Joseph was the favorite of his father, since he was the son of his old age (Gn 37:3) and the firstborn son of his favorite wife. Because of this his brothers hated Joseph.

This envy was magnified when Jacob gave Joseph a ground-length, longsleeved, and perhaps multicolored robe (Gn 37:3, 4). The animosity of his brothers increased still more when Joseph revealed to them his dreams of dominion over them (Gn 37:5–11). Sometimes God’s plan is not for everyone.

Subsequently, when Joseph was sent to check on his brothers and the flocks at Shechem, his brothers sold him to a caravan of traders going down to Egypt (Gn 37:25–28). His brothers then took his robe, dipped it in goat’s blood, and brought it to Jacob, who concluded that Joseph had been killed by wild animals (Gn 37:31–33).

In Egypt, Joseph was sold to Potiphar, an Egyptian officer of the guard (Gn 37:36; 39:1), who eventually put Joseph in charge of his entire household. Potiphar’s wife was responsible for Joseph receiving an unjustly two (2) year prison sentence.

There are scriptures that support remaining standing forward.

Psalms 37:5 – 8

5     Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to       pass.

6      He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the   noonday.

7      Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him       who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

8      Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret—it only causes harm.

Definition: Joseph, meaning “May he add,” learn you name…

Attributes 1: He remained loyal with his Craft. In the face of adversity and doubt you must maintain your craft, sharpen your skills, remain diligent, and stay the course. Never waver. Pump your fist!!!

Attributes 2: In spite of what he faced, Joseph gave honor to God in every event.

  1. Queen of Sheba 2 Chronicles 9: 1-2 ($700 mill)
    • He was willing to do what no man could do… He provided Pharaoh with a the solution of how to make money, save his family and look like a winner
      • He took on the burden of designing a new system of saving and investing.
      • Joseph exceeds the bounds of the king’s initial request when he proceeds to advise what steps the ruler should take. “Sow now” buy low and sale high. If you could cure cancer…
      • He stood behind his name/his brand/his word!!!
  2. His ability allowed him to reason and think above
  3. He was able to hear from God and unveil the plan
  4. The king concluded that only a person who possessed the “spirit of God” in measure could have discerned the significance of the dreams
  5. When God promotes you: There were two reasons that God promoted Joseph
    • That God’s people would be survived.
      • He was able to do that which no man could…. He figured out how to solve his boss’s problem.
  6. He Did what no man could do
    • Put into action and executed to plan that he stated.
    • He managed his boss’s problem


The Second reason God promoted Joseph… Because God be sovereign!!!

  1. The extent of Joseph’s power included the entire sphere of Pharaoh’s realm. The phrase “charge of the whole land of Egypt” begins and closes.
    • So as to demonstrate Joseph’s new authority, the king bestows on him the symbols of royal power (Dan 5:16). By extending his signet ring to Joseph, the king offers the predominant sign of his reign.
    • The term “signet ring” (ṭabbaʿat), – describing priestly and tabernacle décor.
  • When God promotes you He brands you.
  1. He clothed him in costly “fine linen.
    1. God builds confidence.
      • When God promoted Joseph everyone knew it.
      • Pharaoh made Joseph head over the
        • The prime minister at the top of the administrative bureaucracy. The vizier’s responsibilities typically included superintending the land and supervising the judicial system.
      • It is not the clothes that make the man, but it is the man that enhance the clothes.
    2. Adorned his neck with gold.
      • God honored Joseph for his commitment for remaining loyal.
    3. God provided Joseph with a motor cage (2nd in charge)
      • Gave him a motor cage to protect him
    4. Allowed him to marry into royalty
      • Prince’s daughter
      • Two sons
        • Manasseh and Ephraim,
  2. The final word by Pharaoh:
  3. But without your [Joseph’s] word” (“without you”)
  4. Joseph did not become cloudy after his successes.
    • Joseph did not hold any grudges against.
      • Potiphar or his wife.
      • His brothers.
    • He did not attempt to repay the evil that was done to him.
    • He did not parade his new successes by mocking others.
    • He did not attempt to overthrow his new boss.
    • Nor did he keep secrets from him.